I am a nuclear-themed movie fanatic and I have probably watched every single movie based on this theme. This does not imply that this is the end of everything. Every day there is something or the other discussed in the media pertaining to the use of nuclear weapons and this further propels a movie director to come up with an interesting concept surrounding the topic.

Nuclear Themed Movies

Sum of All Fears

Sum of All Fears- One Of The Best Nuclear Theme Movie

Nuclear-themed movies surface the lingering questions in the minds of people. Have you ever wondered what would happen if a nuclear warfare takes place between nations now? Are we ready to face the challenges that would follow the event or would that wipe out the identity of two nations from the history of Earth? We are certainly not ready for a nuclear tension and its outcomes.

Nuclear apocalypse movies bring into light what could happen in case of a nuclear war and many movies have highlighted the consequences of nuclear explosion. The impact that these events have are tremendous and these can clearly wipe out many species from our planet. It is not just humans that would suffer in case of a nuclear holocaust. Plants and other animals are bound to suffer as much as we do or more than us. The pain and the damage caused due to such events would be immeasurable.

Fanatic On Nuclear Inspired Movies

I have been for long intrigued by the questions posed by such movies upon their release. These are in a way interesting and help us remain better informed about what is happening around us. Scientific developments are a boon to mankind and these have helped us attain progress in all walks of life. However, we should not underestimate the consequences can these scientific inventions and discoveries can have on life on Earth. The damages may be beyond our imagination.

I am a thinker and I love questioning myself and everything that is happening around us. I love nuclear-themed movies not just because they offer entertain and respite from the hustle bustle of everyday life. These make us think where we are headed to and what would happen if any of the nations lose their control. Would that be the end of those nations and the neighbors who have managed to sustain for so long?

Limitation Of Nuclear Movies

The Fourth Protocol [1987]

I Love This Movie

It is hard to imagine how the end would be. Just one event would prove to be a deciding factor for most of the living beings and this should not be the case. The impact of a nuclear event would impact generations to come if not wipe the species out entirely from the world. Peace is the most essential component that is essential for sustaining equilibrium in our world.
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