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On July 16th, 1945, the first atomic bomb test, Trinity, was detonated at the White Sands Missile Range in south central New Mexico. This event was the bang of a starting gun for B-movie makers everywhere who saw visions of mutants, plagues, nuclear holocaust, empty cities covered in gray ash; and mushroom clouds rising like dollar signs on the screens of drive-ins everywhere.

Yes, yes – certainly the event ushered in an age of bleak, rampant paranoia wherein the potential for hemisphere-wide destruction was suddenly possible. But at the end of the day, it is the films that are important. And the TV shows. This blog is a celebration of that time and place when monsters destroyed whole cities, insects the size of dinosaurs clambered over the desert sands, and Rod Serling warned us of the signpost up ahead.

After-hour Rants and Nuclear Articles

Nuclear Holocaust Movies Inspired

A Warning For Future

Have you ever imagined how future would be? For someone living in 50s or 60s, promise of interstellar exploration, meaningful medical breakthroughs and promises of interstellar exploration meant future. We are more worried of where the advances in science and technology will take us more than anything else. Taking a “U” turn into a horrible place that would dictate the end of our destiny is the most gripping issue that is concerning researchers and activists a lot lately.

Budgets In Nuclear Movies

Are They Worth The Making?

Millions of dollars are spent in making apocalypse movies which portray how the world would end or how survival would seem like. Have you ever stopped and wondered that is it worth spending millions of dollars in creating a nuclear holocaust movie? Are these movies worth your hard earned money? The end of World War II transformed the history of our world forever.

Must-see Classics – Nuclear Movies From 50s/60s

Recent Articles

HBO Miniseries Chernobyl Explores The Effect Of Radiation On First Responders

If you haven´t heard about the Chernobyl disaster (regardless of your birth year), you´ve missed one of the worst man-made catastrophes in the history of the world. We, as nuclear movies lovers know perfectly well how fiction has made futuristic films about a post-apocalyptic world. The big difference with this HBO series is that it…

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Different Styles Cinema!

BrattyMILF (adult)BrattyMILF (adult) – finally a sister series to Bratty Sis, the series that changed genre of step family fun for ever. This time you are going to experience these spoiled moms doing all they can to have fun with young guys. They are true cougar on the hunt and will do about anything to get laid.

My Family Pies - SexualMy Family Pies (adult) – when some family members are sticking with each other more than others… This series is fantasy of living inside a step-family, new generation of broken families united again, but with siblings that are sexually attracted to each other. Crazy? For sure, because in weekly episodes you are going to experience to most absurd situations leading to step-sibling love.

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